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Our Concealed Purse Styles/Features:

Zipper Closure

Adjustable Strap

Made in the USA

 Lightweight  Stylish  Left and Right Carry Pocket
 Variety of Fabrics Sensible  Multiple Inside and Outside Pockets

Beach GlassConcealmentConcealmentConcealmentConcealmentConcealmentConcealment
The moment you notice its quality and lightweight, you are going to love this purse. From the adjustable comfort formed shoulder strap to the ambidextrous concealment pockets, the features of our purses are second to none, yet it gets even better. Not only do you get to choose from two different size purses, but you also get to select from a variety of color patterns to find that perfect fit and personalize your own purse.

The Concealed Purse Store wants you to really like your purse and to make sure it is something you want to use for your personal protection. We know that crime does not discriminate between age and race, it can happen to anyone at anytime and in any place. With news outlets reporting 24 hours a day, we can not help but see the escalating reports of violent crimes on women.

Women and Crime

Statistics show that approximately 5,000,000 (FIVE MILLION) women each year fall victim of crime. These numbers show that the odds are not in your favor.

While police agencies are doing everything they can to protect the public, the honest truth is that they cannot be near you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, we need to take the proper steps to protect ourselves and our families now and in the future.

At Concealed Purse Store, we have created a designer purse which allows you the opportunity to better protect yourself or your loved one should you find yourself in a life-threatening situation. Because our purses are handmade, we can assure our customers that the product they receive will be of high quality and workmanship.

Our team has gone through an extensive design development process until we created a product we would put our name on. Once the pattern design process was completed, we then worked to create a purse that could be used with multiple outfits and fit various lifestyles.

Shop our selection of purses and color variations to find that perfect match for your lifestyle and be sure to visit often so you can stay current with our latest fashions and trends.

Prepare for the worse ~ Pray for the best!

If you have to shoot through your purse with your firearm in a self defense situation, contact us and provide a copy of your police report and we will replace your purse and NO COST. We hope that we never have to use this guarantee policy, but we will be thankful in knowing our product helped save a life.
Concealment purses designed by women for women.
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Concealment purses made by women for women. Designed from the ground up with painstaking attention to every seam and pocket, these concealment purses are sewn and constructed by the women who designed them for their own personal use. Birthed out of a need for a concealment purse that was fashionable yet didn't cost a fortune, we've engineered these handbags and purses to be affordable for every woman who wants to carry a concealed weapon.

These concealment purses are fashionable enough to take to a fancy restaurant or practical enough for the grocery store. They have 2 outside pockets for cell phone, keys and other things you need to get to quickly. A large purse pocket for your wallet, make up and just about anything else you would want to carry in a regular purse. The concealment pocket has zippers at both ends for quick access to your weapon for protection.

The small purse can easily accommodate a small or medium frame firearm. The large purse is designed for large calibers and large frame firearms. As an attractive companion to your wardrobe, your new concealment purse will give you the quick access to your protection and no one will know the difference except you.